Innovation in Composites

HONEYCOMB PANEL COMPOSITESLight and Strong Honeycomb Panel Structures

Honeycomb panel type composites are highly valued in the industry for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. These materials, composed of a hexagonal cell structure, offer high stiffness and compressive strength. Honeycomb composites are used in the manufacture of building panels, aircraft cladding, acoustic applications and in the automotive sector, providing efficient and lightweight structural solutions for a wide range of applications.

  • Panel consisting of a polypropylene core that can be covered with a 75 µm waterproof film and a 30 gr web glued on both sides by thermofusion. 2700 mm (length) x 1200 mm (width) standard sheets are available in thicknesses from 6 to 65 mm.Properties:
    • The veil allows the anchoring of polyester and epoxy resins, polyurethane,…
    • The 75 µm polypropylene skin ensures complete sealing of the cavities and allows lamination on top of the panel face without any risk of resin penetration into the core.
    • High compressive strength


    Nautical industry (bridge reinforcements, decks, hoods, bulkheads, etc.).

    Transportation and automotive (bodywork elements, walls of vans, trucks or trailers, floors and doors of buses and streetcars).

    Industry (reinforcement for molds, tanks, containers, technical floors, platforms, elevators and gates, advertising signs, etc.)


ARGOSY 3000 series aluminum honeycomb is a lightweight honeycomb core that offers increased part strength and corrosion protection to meet a wide range of demanding applications.
It is a high performance and low structural cost material, which makes it the perfect material for architectural, industrial, marine, transportation, etc. applications.


ARGOSY 3000 series aluminum honeycomb is used in a wide range of applications where light weight, high flexural and corrosion resistance and low cost honeycomb panels are required.

These include:

  • Marine interior panels
  • Architectural building panels and curtain walls
  • Car and truck panels
  • Train and subway floors, walls and compartments
  • Industrial equipment
  • Door panels in general, shelves and covers
  • Onboard tools
  • Airflow control
  • Energy absorption applications


  • Excellent weight resistance over a wide temperature range beyond 350 ° F/177 ° C
  • Low cost / high value
  • Corrosion and fungus resistant
  • Excellent energy absorption qualities
  • Available with chrome-free RoHS coating